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African Centre for Biodiversity launch seed posters for smallholder farmers and civil society

The TABIO website will shortly be hosting 10 easy-to-read posters on intellectual property rights relating to seeds.

Text from the African Centre for Biodiversity upon the launch of the posters:

"The African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) is pleased to share 10 easy to read posters on intellectual property rights in relation to seed and what these mean for smallholder farmers. These posters come at a time where there is pressure on African governments to adopt new stringent intellectual property laws, namely, Plant Variety Protection (PVP) on seed. These new PVP laws give strong rights to breeders while undermining farmers’ rights and seed sovereignty. Most farmers and civil society organisations have been locked out of the process of developing these PVP laws, while others are keen to learn more about what these laws entail.

The posters have been produced in various languages and are available for download in English, French, Swahili, Shona, IsiZulu, Sotho, and Portuguese." 

The range of topics covered in the series of posters includes:  Farmers Rights and the Seed Treaty; What is Plant Variety Protection (PVP) and protected varieties?; Seed sovereignty for farmers; and, Women as custodians of seed; 

"The posters are written in plain language and have been illustrated. They are therefore, simple and easy to read and represent a good source of information to share with farmers. The posters will be particularly useful in assisting in training workshops, farmer field schools, farmer to farmer trainings and other farmer and civil society fora in order to share knowledge and information with and between farmers.

To download the posters please click on this link: or use the links in the mail below."

We hope that these seeds will be useful for those of you involved in seed systems in Tanzania, and those who simply wish to know more about property rights in relation to seeds.